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In today’s world, the production of polypropylene sacks is an important commodity in all countries. Its importance due to its good quality, reasonable price, flexibility and high durability has made it widely used. High consumption of polypropylene in the import and export of goods, packaging in all fields of industry and agriculture, urban planning and construction, clothing, materials Food  This product is the most economical and best product for the above. The production of polypropylene bags is directly related to the type of raw materials and the type of machinery used in its production. The Caspian Sea is well known in the surrounding countries and Central Asia and Europe


Stages of production of polypropylene sacks

About our company

Polypropylene (polypropylene bag) is produced from the polymerization of propylene gas (polypropylene bag). The difference between the molecule of polypropylene (PP) (propylene bag) and the molecule of polyethylene (PE) (propylene bag) is only in one extra carbon atom in the gaseous monomer. As a result, the resulting material has more uniform physical and chemical properties. PP has less crystallinity than PE (propylene bag) and is easier to produce amorphously. The production cost of PP (propylene bag) is low and its density is low and it is easier to process compared to PE. It has better resistance to cold current and less deformation at high temperatures. It has a good level of tensile strength and toughness.

Steam-sterilized medical devices are usually made of PP (propylene bag). Some cardboards are also coated with PP (polypropylene bag) which is used as a liquid preservative for food products that can be used in the microwave. However, the use of PE is not possible due to its low softening point. The following figure shows the molecule of polypropylene (propylene bag).

High quality PP (polypropylene bag) fabrics are produced and supplied in rolls. Today, polypropylene fabrics (polypropylene bags) are used in many industries. The main application of these fabrics is for the production of polypropylene and jumbo bags.


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