Polypropylene bag manufacturing company

the production of polypropylene bags with production line machinery from Stalinger, Austria

Caspian Bag Manufacturing Company

Mazandaran Caspian Bag Manufacturing Company (Private Joint Stock)

Caspian bag manufacturing company

Mazandaran Caspian Bag Manufacturing Company active in the field of polypropylene bags

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Mazandaran CaspianBag ManuFacturing Company

As a private joint-stock company, Mazandaran Caspian Bag Manufacturing Company started its activities in 1991, in the city of Sari (Center of Mazandaran Province, north of Iran) by producing different kinds of polypropylene woven bags, benefiting from Starlinger machinery of Austria in its production lines. The production site of Mazandaran Caspian Bag Manufacturing Company enjoys an area of 20,000 square meters. The building installations and facilities are spread over a space of 12,000 square meters, where 240 personnel - expert and experienced staff with high school diploma and/or AS, BS, BA, MA & MS academic degrees - work together in a friendly milieu

Combining packaging with the product itself shows your supply ability and at the same time your production power.

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Mazandaran Caspian Bag Manufacturing Company’s capacity for production of high quality pp bags is as follows:

1- Daily Production of 45.000 Kilograms of thread. used in Weaving polyopropylane bags

-Threads could be of different sizes. ranging from 2 up to 4 millimeters.The thread denier ranges
from 450 up to 1400. The threads prodused could enjoy a variety of clors

2-daily production of 500.000 malers of rolles and polypropylene bags.

.bags and olls enjoy a width of 60 up to 300 centimeters.

.one-ply rolls a width of 60 up to 300 centimeters. by using ultrasonic cutting.


3-cuttingt, sewing and production of polypropylene bags are accomplished in accordance with daily production capsity as programmed.

4-printing of bags is performed in harmony with related daily production capecity as programmed.

.customized pp bags are produced as demanded by our clients and consumers، bearing one-sided and/or two sided prints through applying 6 color process printing.

5-packing and pelletizing of final pp bag produts are done in accordance with related daily production capacity as programmed.

Our team

Professional members of our team

After receiving your complete order and request, the research team of Midas Company will start collecting information in order to design a suitable product, after which the design team will start designing from paper to a three-dimensional model

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Work process

The main stages of production of propylene sack

Spinning stage

To produce polypropylene yarns, first the master-colored polypropylene granules and softeners are given to the extruder machine, which is mixed together in a raw material mixer, and then directed to a heat furnace and melted, and to four showers, each of which Which has 64 holes guided by air pressure and after passing through the showers with pressure enters the cooling channel to maintain its shape and shape. Traction joints are stretched appropriately and then passed around special spindles after passing through other processes.

Knitting stage

In the weaving stage, the following actions are performed: - Tape weaving by knitting machine - Production of polypropylene sack rolls In the field of weaving, there are three main methods for producing fabrics, which are: 1- Blurring and weaving 2- Blur circular knitting 3- Knitting circular knitting In this design, blur and weaving with round weaving machine is suggested. Ring-type production bags are desirable for packing and transporting materials that have a larger grain size. Depending on the type of sack consumption, one of the two methods of production should be chosen.

Cutting, sewing and printing

At this stage, if the sack roll needs to be printed, the design and text are printed on it by the printing machine, and then it is placed at the beginning of the cutting line and cut by the heat blade according to the dimensions requested by the customer. The sewing operation is folded to the desired size and crocheted by a special sewing machine.


Sacks are packaged or marketed in rolls after cutting and sewing.


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